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P.C. doesn't work for most people. These cards are anything, but P.C. Real. Honest. Fresh. Raw. Full of love. #lovenotes


From Your Walls To Your Work, Travel To Your Tees Share the ♥︎ everywhere you go. #lovenotes.nyc


Far too often we don’t say what we really mean. We edit our affection, kindness, and generosity. We share half hearted messages that don’t truly honor how we feel or quench the receiver’s heart. We created relationships with no depth and no loyalty.


But not anymore!


#LoveNotes are designed to share a deep message heart to heart. With the use of neuro linguistic programming and neuro human branding™ techniques these cards will touch the heart of anyone who receives them. Created to bring quick depth to any relationship- business or personal- #lovenotes are a simple way to create a profound impact.



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